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North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

NCDHHS County Alert System Report 12-8-2020

Available NCDHHS data for COVID-19 in NC schools

NCDHHS defines a “cluster” as a minimum of 5 cases (staff or students) where contact tracing information provides a sufficient epidemiological link to suggest disease transmission occurred at the site. Therefore, the day care and school cluster reports would NOT include 1) cases in which acquisition occurred outside the facility, or 2) cases arising from transmission within a facility, but involving fewer than 5 cases.

LINK TO: Ongoing Clusters from Day Care and K-12 Schools updated every Tuesday and Friday by 4 p.m. 

Leandro v. State of North Carolina: find out how the outcome of this court case will shape our school testing program

Suzanne Miller, founding member of NC Families for School Testing Reform, talks about how testing affects kids & teachers:

INTERVIEW with NC Policy Watch … 2-11-2019


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