Students need testing that’s formative, equitable, and developmentally appropriate.


We’re educating North Carolina’s future TODAY. 

It’s in our best interest to have well-educated citizens and a skilled and capable workforce.

Reducing time and money spent on testing not only provides a direct benefit for students – it also helps ensure North Carolina’s future is one of innovation, personal and economic growth, and prosperity. 


North Carolina Families for School Testing Reform is a group of parents, educators, and citizens who have joined together to improve testing in our public schools.

Founded on June 1st 2018, this group started on FACEBOOK and grew to over 1400 members in 6 days.

It continues to grow as more families and teachers realize that, TOGETHER, we can work toward achieving a better testing program.



We will identify the elements of the current testing program that need to be improved based on:

  • the experience of our state’s educators and administrators
  • consultation with experts in child development and psychology
  • review of testing programs from other states


We will conduct seminars and “town-hall” style gatherings to inform the public about school testing.

Input from educators and parents will also serve to:  

  • inform us about problems we had not yet identified
  • provide a forum to propose specific improvements.


We will advocate for student assessment practices that are efficient, fair, appropriate, and economical.

We will support policy changes involving the state legislature as well as local actions within individual districts where applicable.

Our goal is to establish a program of testing that:

  • gives meaningful feedback that teachers use to improve student instruction while it’s happening
  • minimizes time subtracted from learning
  • is developmentally appropriate with respect to age, language proficiency, physical and/or cognitive ability
  • avoids bias by socioeconomic status, ethnic, regional, and other cultural differences
  • has a proven track record with respect to quality and evidence-based outcomes


Our Leadership Team consists of volunteers that serve to organize the larger group, disseminate information, and spearhead our research and policy-making efforts.

We are also assembling an Advisory Council of education specialists, public school personnel, state legislators, community leaders, and policy experts to offer advice as we move forward.

If you are interested in helping as a leader or serving as an advisor, please contact


We encourage you to advocate for the students of North Carolina because YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Whether or not you have a school-aged child, this issue speaks to common sense public policy and cost savings that every citizen can get behind.


Learn about school testing:  check out our collection of references for starters > RESOURCES

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A large part of our mission is to educate the public about school testing and to get feedback on how to make improvements. As we interact with one another on various social media platforms, at public seminars or other community gatherings, we respectfully ask that you honor the following community standards:

  • We will honor all experiences and points of view.
  • We will be kind in all interactions.
  • We will respect diversity of people, places, and school systems.
  • We will listen and consider opinions that differ from ours.
  • We will notice context and circumstances.
  • We will keep all language “PG”.

NC Families for School Testing Reform will not use any member information for SPAM or other promotional purposes.